Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brick Day

It was hot and humid this morning 77* at 6:30 ugh! I keep reminding myself that it is hot and humid in Kona so get use to it! Today was a 30 mile ride with a run at the end. I want to get use to getting off the bike and running. So I was to spin with a candence of 85 to 90 for the first 10 miles. At the 5 mile mark Dr. Steve jumped in but since I didn't want to draft today and stick with my training I led.

At 10 miles I jumped to the big ring and tried to keep the cadence at 85. Of course I didn't sprint the straight-a-way but instead tried to keep a steady cadence. For the last 5 miles I went back to the small ring.

The most difficult part was getting off my bike to run. The old legs just don't want to do that but it's good practice. So it was a 3 mile run at 8 min pace...well it was suppose to be 8 min! The first mile was 9:30 ugh!The second was 8:20 and the final was 8:09. Not to bad for the first brick in a long time. So I rode 30 miles and ran 3. I'm going to swim at lunch time and tonight I'm suppose to take a long walk with J.

I think of those guys that train with the NAT (Naples Area Triathletes) that do 45 miles in the morning and hammer. How can they keep that pace? 30 miles seems to be at the edge of my time limit and still get to work on time. I guess I could get up earlier.

BTW...the only thing I saw this morning was a rabbit that ran along side of me for a few seconds. I was afraid he would go in front of me and I'd run over him but he went the other way. It's funny when you are in aero position and concentrating on cadence how you don't see much of anything.


Flatman said...

Nice workout. My legs always feel better when I ride before I run...I know, I am a weirdo. It takes me at least two miles to warm up if I start running cold.

Chris said...

I'll be happy to trade weather with you. Any day of the week. :)

At 20ish years my senior, you run faster than I do.

It's great hearing from you again. Take care!

Wil said...

I'm with Flatman - it take me to mile three before I start feeling good if I run cold. Though the first mile of the run after the bike is, well, interesting!

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