Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy Birthday

Today is Kermit the Frog's birthday! Happy Birthday Kermie!

Reflecting back on this weaks training, it has been just that weak! Goals and goal setting re-evaluation time for me. I need to get serious with my training plan. So the goals for this weak are as follows:

Bike: 3 x 25 miles plus 1 lsd of 50 miles total 125 miles

Run: 3 x 7 miles plus one lsd of 14 miles total 35 miles

Swim 3 x 3k yards plus 1 lsd 6k yards total 15k yards

Weights Twice

Pilates Twice

So this weaks schedule looks like:

AM Lunch Time Afterwork
Mon: Bike 25 Swim 3k Weights
Tues: Run 7 Swim 3k Pilates
Wed: Bike 25 Run 7 Weights
Thurs Run 7 Swim 3k Pilates
Fri: Bike 25 Swim LSD
Sat Run LSD
Sun Bike Lsd

Numbers for Last weak:

Bike: 100 miles
Run: 15 miles
Swim: 3k yards
Weights: none
Pilates: None


soccerdad said...

you may think last week was weak, but it was better than mine! 15k yards of swimming? wow. that's aggressive. do you get out in the ocean, or do you do most of your swims in a pool? i've swam at ormond beach where my parents live, and it's great.

Vertical Man said...

You've got a great week ahead of you!

susie said...

You are on a roll! I managed to meet four of my five days goals, but now I'm off again. This travel kills me:)

Wil said...

Holy cow on the swimming! You're a fish! And again, a very lovely picture ;)

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