Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Randon Thots Wednesday

So I took a walk this morning to the Post Office to mail some of the office mail. As I entered the P.O. I noticed the above sign "No Dogs Allowed Except Seeing Eye Dogs" Wow I didn't know those seeing eye dogs could read or maybe they put the sign there for the blind person to read so they would know it is OK for their dog to lead them inside?

So today was a cycling day and another day I didn't feel like getting out of bed! But I forced myself and found that it was another beautiful day! The temp was just right. I started out in the small ring spinning at 80 bpm to get to 18 once I got loose it was a good ride. Of course Tony was late so I did the first loop without him. He had to submit an order for his business. so what's more important cycling in the morning or doing work in the morning? cycling of course! So I did 25 miles with an ave of 18.6 mph.

So I spoke with J, my once fiance, she told me there was no reason to get married since 1. I have a brain tumor, 2. I have cancer, 3. I get lyphomas, and 4. I have no money. And here I thot love and good looks was enough! Only two life threatening issues what wrong with that?

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Wil said...

#1 Your bike is AWESOME! I'm so jealous. WOW. I mean, it's a really really nice bike. OK, so I think I've established that I like it.

#2 Your once fiance is nuts for not wanting to get married! And you can tell her I said so ;)

Anonymous said...

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