Friday, May 06, 2005

Phriday Phun

Today's high is to be in the low 80's with very low (for Florida) humidity since the cold front went thru last nite. The temp was 68* when I left the house for my ride this morning. The birds were singing, I could hear a whiperwill off in the distance. I had to chase a bunny out of the garage since he was waiting for me to open the door so he could hop, hop, then run into the garage. So it is a beautiful day and why can't I have a beautiful ride?

I started out in the small ring to get warmed up for the first two miles spinning at 85 bpm. Then I met Tony who had already done one loop so he was warmed up. I changed to the big ring trying to maintain 80 bpm and my right leg started aching! ugh whats with this? It finally worked its way out when we got to the straight-a-way but no blistering spee. The fastest I could maintain on the straight-a-way was 26.8 but it was my first pass. Maybe to much cinco de mayo last nite?

Well the ride ended to soon since I had to go to work...20 miles at an ave 18.6 mph. Swim at lunch today.

When I got to the office and walked from the parking garage to the building my leg cramped! felt like a lake of sodium but I drank my fluids and I'm sure after last nite I've had enough salt!

This weekend looks like some work around the house and a long run on Sat 14 miles and a LSD ride on Sunday perhaps 60 miles. Hopefully I'll get to the beach Sunday afternoon for some open water swimming. The water temp is 80*.

Phriday question...

Any body know anything about interferon treatments? I'm told they last 1 year? Starting with 5 weeks of iv threapy then self injections for 1 year.

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Comm's said...

Thats a great weekend of training. I live in an area with lots of 'Oldmen and Oldwomen'. None of them has the endurance you show. Oh they ride bikes but their older than me. They are like Nixon Re-Election Special at Piggly Wiggly bicycles. I would swear i saw one with a really big front wheel and the guy was sitting like six feet off the ground.

Anonymous said...

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