Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday Random Thots

Today was a ride morning and a swim lunch with a Pilates dinner! I rode alone since Tony was AWOL! IT was a great warm 74* with bright sunshine so I did 27 miles alone...good practice. Here are some of the random thots:

  • boy its humid
  • hey it was a good party last nite and I didn't drink but 2 beers!
  • is that dead snake?
  • I hope that snake is dead!
  • it's hot
  • this care behnd me wants to pass but the road is narrow here and he'll force me into the curb so I'll drop a gear speed up to 22 mph and take my half out of the middle of the road!
  • I've gotten remember to order that VPN connection for the office
  • it is hot and humid
  • that guy is going to try to pass me on the right as I get ready after signaling, to turn left...guess I wasn't going fast enough!
  • there's the dead snake again...yup he's dead
OK.... so it's not Newsweek but at least its real!


Wil said...

LOL! I love the snake commentary. Funny the number of conversations that have involved road-kill!

Comm's said...

Come on Oldman. I want to know how the UN dinner went last night.

Were there any alliances, pacts or treatise? A beer for sidedish fiasco ala oil for food?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Brendan said...

So, how was the humidity?

Anonymous said...

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