Monday, January 30, 2006

Weakly Update

Here is a quick review of what went on this past week:

Monday - 25 mi bike normal loops
Tuesday - 7 mile run thru the woods
Wednesday - NADA - went to NYC
Thursday - NADA went to Philly and the on to home
Friday - 25 mi bike normal loops
Saturday 14 mile run, 45 mi swim at Doc's beach
Sunday - 60 mi bike Pelican Landing to RSW Airport and home


Bike 110 mi
Run 21 mi
Swim 45 min
Pilates - NADA
Weights - NADA

I had to go to NYC and Philly this past week on business which messed up my training schedule. So I'll count this week as a rest week. Neat way of planning, anounce a rest week after the fact!

EAGLE update

Tony and I went to Pelican Landing so we could see the eagle's nest. Much to our surprise the eaglet was standing on the edge of the nest while mom or dad stood in a branch watching. Later in the day I took J to see the nest and brought alone my field glasses. At first I thought the eaglet had flown away since it appeared that the nest was empty. But waiting around a little we saw a wing stretch up. Then the next thing that happened was Mom flew in to the tree and sat on her branch above the nest. Baby showed no signs of appearing when Dad eagle flew in with food in his talons ( a large rat or small rabbit). Dad proceeded to eat the food then baby woke up an began to feed as well. What a sight! Then mom eagle joined in the nest to get a snack. Mother Father and Baby all sitting in the nest!


nancytoby said...

Very cool about your eagle babies!!

'Zilla said...

Great week, and very cool Eagle sighting! Thanks for sharing :)

Cliff said...

Busy week, no wonder u didn't post much this week.

Great sights to see the eagle feasting. They must be celebrating Chinese New year as well :)

Wylee said...

AWESOME week! And awesome eagle sightings!

Deene said...

how many people get to see an eagle family having dinner, you are lucky!

TriFeist said...

Photos! Where are the photos of the happy eagle family!

LouBob said...

Close-ups, we need to see feathers, okay?

Oldman said...

I'll try to take better pics but I need a good tele-photo lens.

How many people get to see two adult eagles and a baby in the wild? AWESOME!

psbowe said...

Yes, definitely a rest week with traveling like that.
Enjoyed reading about the eagles!

susie said...

Love the eagle story...I'm jealous!

Bridget said...

That is so cool about the eaglets. I am jealous. I hope you can get that lens so we can see some pics. Nice job training for the week. You had some impressive mileage for a rest week!

Fe-lady said...

Love your ealgle reports...there is one thing that I have to ask you about your photos. And since I am new to your blog, you probably addressed it a long time ago, and is back in the archives somewhere...but I was looking through your flickr photos and was in the middle of what I though was a tri slideshow when I tuned in on that pix of a mutilated, half-eaten body ???? The image has been haunting me and I guess if you give me some explanation I can let it go!....Thanks!:-)

jeff said...

the whole eagle thing rocks. what a great experience to witness.

Anonymous said...

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