Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Terrific Tuesday

My training seems to be routine doing the same thing over and over again. Sunday is the long ride, Monday is a recovery ride and weights, Tuesday is run and swim, Wednesday is ride and swim Thursday fartlek run and weights, Friday is ride and swim, Saturday is my long run and long swim. Same week in and week out.

Since my schedule is pretty much the same, I don't always know what to post. Take this morning for example. It was a nice morning, almost perfect morning to run. It was cool but not to cold, about 56 no breeze. The sun was just coming up and as I started my run, it was reflecting off the golf course lake causing me to squint. I saw the usually walkers and a few new people because it is season now and the snowbirds are here.

AS I leave my block and turn left on the main street I see the usual people. I name the "usual" people that I see. No I don't "know" them but I do say good morning to them. There is the Smiley Guy, he is always smiling. At the corner is Pajama Girl, she walks two dogs wearing a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms, she looks like she just got done with a shower since her hair is wet. Then I see the Skinny Lady and Skinny Ladies Husband. She is so skinny if she turns sideways and sticks out her tongue she would be a zipper. Next up is Fast Walker, she walks really fast. As I round the curve at the first mile mark is Cigar Guy, always smoking a cigar picking up stuff in his yard or sweeping his driveway. I then head up Tony's street to the now famous Coffee Drinker and Collie, whom I haven't seen in a while but you know about them probably planning a secret attack on Tony and me.

As I continue on my run at the 2 mile mark I enter the woods. It's a trail that follows the Estero River and is very popular with canoeist and kayakers. I have only seen one person on the trail in all the years that I have been using it. But I have seen some great wildlife. Birds of course, and rabbits. One morning I startled a panther. This year I rounded the corner at the end of the trail as it crosses a bridge over a little creek when I startled a mother Otter and three babies playing. I don't know who was more excited me or the otters!

After leaving the woods I come to the Fitness Center and Pool for our community. It is along the river, next to the dock masters office for our boat lunch and dock. There is also the River Club next to the Fitness Center and Pool. I usually stop inside the Fitness center to get a drink of water and on Tuesdays get weighted. As I leave the Fitness Center I run now on the road that leads back to the community thru some preserve areas that the State of Florida will not allow to be developed. That is what attracted me to this community the natural areas and large open spaces, unlike some community builders who use up every available space.

As I go along the preserve area there is a small trail that leads to a grave site that was used by the Koreseans. The Koreseans were a cult in the late 1800's lead by Cyrus Tweed. In the cemetery are the graves of several of this cult that died. One is a Confederate soldier and another is a Union soldier from the Spanish American War. I think of them and how no one visits their grave. This past Memorial Day I got a small American Flag and a small Confederate Flag to place on their graves to remember their sacrifice for America.

Usually along in here I will see Two Dog Walker, he walks two small dogs. I then round a corner and go up a small incline to an abandoned road that goes under a high tension line. The road follows the fence border of our community that separates us from a very ritzy community with multi-million dollar homes on the right and three holes of the golf course on the left, including two lakes. This road is our famous straight-a-way.

On the straight-a-way I see Bottle Guy, he's riding a bike with a bottle holder on his handle bar with a large large bottle of water. I also see Dog Rider, he's riding a bike with his dog on a leash. Also I see Dog with No Leash, a lady walking her dog with no leash even though it is a major rule to have your dog on a leash. Then I see several people that I haven't named yet. A group (6) of ladies all walking together, Groupies. I guy in a yellow shirt, the same yellow shirt every day. Sometimes the workers from the golf course or our community are on the road with gas powered golf carts.

The road makes a 90* turn to the left then ends at the back of our boat storage yard.
It is here that you have to get on the sidewalk that paralls the boat yard and the golf course. There is a "Pottie House" half way along the sidewalk where I can get another drink of water, or in case of runners emergencies, well you know.

Then it is back to the community roads and on the homeward stretch of my 7 miles. I see Smiley Guy again, Fast Walker, and then Poodle Lady, yup two poodles. Sometimes Bob-on-a-moutain-bike, a guy from my circle will pass by on his mountain bike, or Icelandic Man, my neighbor from Iceland. Eileen is usually around in here on the days she runs. She does 9 miles at about a 8 min. pace. She wears a great bikini tops and running short shorts, but she is married.

The course then makes a right turn and short stretch then another right turn and I'm on my street. I hear the bell in my head indicating 1 mile to go! I see Frank the Priest going to work, Annie sweeping her driveway, and the Norwegian Lady taking the kids to school. Sometimes my neighbor across the street is getting his newspaper when I finish.

So today was like so many days running. Uneventful unless you count the people.


Cliff said...

Sounds like you have a busy run everyday. Seeing animals and many familiar faces.

It must have been experience to spot a Panther. I heard the Flordie Panthers are very rare. I don't see that much wilderness where I live. A squirrel, a deer, a beaver will make my day already.

Cliff said...

It must be the Canadian weather or something b/c rare do I see anyone out in the streets.

Chris said...

The otters started you? What about that panther??? I think you're the first person that I've ever talked to that has seen a pather in real life.

Steven said...

For someone that wasn't sure what to blog about you sure blogged a good one today! Nice post, Oldman. I love the fun descriptive names for your running "partners."

'Zilla said...

Hee hee, that was a great virtual run! I do that with swimming, since I go to the pool at the same time. I see...

Heavy right arm guy, Hairy guy, Tri-super-fast-Lady, Speedo man, and last (but not least) Swim team guys (drool).

Oldman said...


my neighbor, Bob-on-the-mountain-bike, saw a panther one night jump another animal in the bushes. he said it was a sight ot behold, while sitting safely inside your car.

the newspaper here just had a story about a dog that was tied up outside and will killed by a panther....but not eatten. I guess he just want to shut up the yappy dog.

Bolder said...

wow! what a great place to train!! i'm feelin' more and more remorse everyday for my sea-level comments... not really, but you have a great place to train!

thanks for sharing.

Deene said...

Enjoyed your post today. it was just like going out there to tag along.

LouBob said...

I've tagged you yet again, that will give you something to post!
I wouldn't have done it but you were complaining so........

Triathamom said...

I have names for all my fellow early AM Y-ers whose real names I don't know. I love that!! I always wonder who I might be to them. Something chatty, smiley, or borderline obnoxious, I'm sure --I'm totally a morning person.

I love the nature tour, too.

Anonymous said...

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