Tuesday, January 03, 2006

He's Back!!!!!

OK quick update...

flew to Newark NJ on Dec. 23
saw some family and friends for Christmas Eve, ate & drank to much
went to church for midnight Christmas Eve
has an awesome Christmas Day, ate to much
ran on Monday 7 miles, went to dinner (see pic below)
rode a mountain bike 20 miles on Tuesday _ cold< ugh
went to the City Wednesday
ran 10 miles Thursday
flew home Friday -- good to be back to warm weather!
Sat rode 25 miles ran 8 miles
Sun rode 60 miles with Tony
Mon rode 30 miles (counts on next weaks report), took down my Christmas decorations, ugh!

Weakly Totals
Run 25 miles
Bike 105 miles

Thanks everyone for the notes and emails...


Deene said...

Welcome home and Happy New Year!!

Mica said...

Glad you are out of that nasty cold weather! Happy New Year!

Iron Benny said...

Good to have you back Oldman. So, you got to ride your bike in the cold hah? Serves ya right buddy. Sometimes you have to have a taste of the cold to really appreciate what you have. I could give anything to train in Florida right now. You are so lucky. Anyway, I've got some cold bike riding or stationary training to do. Take care and it's good to have you back.

Comm's said...

happy and prosperous new year

susie said...

welcome home..it sounds like you didn't waste anytime getting back to "work" !!

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear your back. Happy New Year!

'Zilla said...

Yes, thank you for the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Way to stay active during the holidays!

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