Tuesday, January 10, 2006


OK Susan passed on this meme to me. I'm not sure why but here goes:

Four jobs you've had in your life:

telephone tech, electrician, minister, adminstrator
Four movies you could watch over and over:
Gettysburg, Christmas Vacation, Master and Commander, Star Wars or Star Trek
Four places you've lived: New Jersey, Texas, Florida no place else...
Four TV shows you love to watch:
Imus in the Morning, CNBC During the day in my office, News (MSNBC ,Fox or CNN), Two and a Half Men
Four places you've been on vacation:
Rome, Italy; London, England; Paris, France; the Caribbean
Four websites you visit daily:
Gooogle, Slowtwitch, Gmail, Vanguard, Janus
Four of your favorite foods:
anything Italian i.e. pasta, pesto; anything seafood i.e. grouper, shrimp, clams; anything cocolate i.e. cookies, cake, ice cream, pies etc; anything Wine i.e. champagne, chardonay, merlot, Pinor Noir
Four places you'd rather be:
Barefoot Beach near my home; on a sailboat in the Chesapeake; Rome, Italy visiting my grandson; NJ visiting my other 2 grandsons
Four albums you can't live without:
Common Thread: Songs of the Eagles; Andrea Bocelli; Louis Armstrong; Sarah Brightman
Four vehicles I've owned:
VW Bug, Jeep Cherokee, Fiero, Buick Regal Grand Sport

OK so I'll tag the great Goofy Challenge winner Nancy, the great Prarie Dawg Leader, Bolder and Cliff of Canada fame.


nancytoby said...

Thanks for the tag! Don't know when I'll get to it, though, since I'm still too tired to write my race reports! Sailboat on the Chesapeake, well, my husband would like to get another, but I'm thinking powerboat will be better with the girls.... much as I loathe the noise and stink!!

Cliff said...

Go Canada....

susie said...

Good stuff! My boat is a Pintail, though my dad has a 24'day sailor we use on the river. I'm with you on all of your food choices (except the seafood!)

Wylee said...

That's a big jump from a VW bug to a Jeep Cherokee!

David said...

Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli are great.
I'm eating with you anytime.

Anonymous said...

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