Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Fun

It was cooler this morning or maybe it was just less humidity and it felt cooler. When I left the house for my ride this morning it felt good. It was my regular route, 25 miles around my community or two loops and a little to get to 25 miles. Along the way I met couple on mountain bikes, I slowed down to ride with them for about two miles but then it was back to my regular pace. I tried to concentrate on heart rate and pace today.

Since I have a lighter schedule at work today, I'm planning to go to the beach at lunch to swim. Hopefully I can get away for a 1,5 hours!

Goals for the weekend:

Run 15 miles
Weight Room upper body

LSD ride 80 miles
Swim 1 hr at the beach (DocsBeach House)

Doc's Beach House