Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Random Funk Thots

OK, yes I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I'm tired of hurricanes and rainy weekends. It messes up training (swimming and biking). I hate running on dreadmills. So my training has suffered in this funk.

The hurricane (Dennis) caused alot of wind and rain Friday nite, Sat and Sun. I managed to get a short ride in Sunday but with the wind it was hard. Several times I felt like I was going to fall off the bike...or maybe it was just me and not the wind. Who knows?

Speaking of funks, Friday I finally spoke with Dr. Lusk, the funky brain surgeon. I've had 3 appointments canceled by his office due to his court appearance. I think a failed surgery is suing him...well at least the family of the failed surgery. Here's the short version. My brain tumor is still there. Doesn't appear to have grown. No we can't operate because of the risk involved. No we can't biopsy, again to dangerous ( you want a needle stuck into your brain?) I'll just have learn to cope with the headaches, dizziness, blurry vision. NO, no one in Florida can perform the surgery because of the risk. Perhaps Emory University or Johns Hopkins or Sloan.... but no surgeon in his right mind would try it right now. Would you like some anti seizure meds? Have you thot about getting a housemate? perhaps you shouldn't live alone. (yea I have a list of people I want to live with me...)

So then my cancer doctor called Friday late afternoon with my results of my recent visit and tests. Dr. Cocktail Mixer (CM). OK this is the short version: No the cancer hasn't spread, your nodes are clean. (HEY I GOT CLEAN NODES). We want to do a round of interferon for 6 months. The new growth on your back is another tumor. (with 6 do I get eggroll?) You should see your regular surgeon not the brain surgeon. (I think I'm going to let it grow after all its small and I want to get my moneys worth when I have surgery) We want you to see an eye doc....you know an MD not an opto guy...for blurry vision. You ned to get another colonoscopy done. Maybe you shouldn't ride your bike....(no way). Have your thot about anti-seizure meds? (You too?) Have you thot about getting some one to live with you? Perhaps you should live alone (ok I'll take applications for housemates)

If you have a seizure and no one is there to see it how do you know you had a seizure? Does a tree make a sound in the forrest when it falls if no one is there to hear it? What's the sound of one hand clapping? OK so now you understand my funk and the rain hasn't helped...nor the beer, wine, tequila and scotch not in that order.

So I rode yesterday 25 miles and ran 7 miles today with a hangover. Hopefully I can swim after work.

O random thots..... did you read Tracy's great post about a party she and H went to? Here's the link.... When Millionaires Get Bored but why are you hanging with H and not me? She even has pics to prove she was there and it wasn' a fever dream like Dorothy.

I'm real busy at work..the PM is in Canada. I have been given tons of work by our mutual funds. I need a vacation.

So I think I'll work on a list of requirement for a housemate... she has to be blonde or brunett or redhead...she must have her own tri bike...can't run faster than me... she must like beer wine tequila scotch (not in that order)...must like my cooking (italian of course)....dance...two-step, triple two step, swing, waltz (across texas) and el paso, sweetheart, wooden nickel, and hourseshoe suffle... like classical, country, and jazz music and some pop...

tomorrow is my son's birthday...29 i think...at least he is not in iraq this year...hwe's in ga...but they want him to go back to iraq ugh! how can that be im only 37?


Barkernews said...

Hey! Great blog!
What an inspirational story. From one trinewbie to another... I feel like a wimp compared to you!!!!!
You asked about my jersey: The Clif Bar stuff came from my University of Colorado cycling jersey.

I'll check back often!

Susan said...

Have you thought about seeing a doctor somewhere else? You seem to be getting the run-around....good news the tumor hasn't grown, though. Keep that great attitude of yours...love your housemate requirements:)

Florida Runner said...

I haven't been through anything like what you're going through. And your workouts still put me to shame. You're an inspiration!

tracy said...

Hey, We'd make great roomies! Especially the part about the booze.

Sorry they're running you around on all this. I can tell you're not to kind of guy who forgets to LIVE though. Keep kickin' Oldman.

Holly said...

CLEAN NODES! :) Take the good tidbits where you can get them! Hang tough and if it comes down to it, I am happy to be your Interferon buddy.

Maybe we can organize an IRONMAN FL relay team and call it "Mela-NO MORE" ... You can bike (Dr. CM be dammed), I'll run .. know any Melanoma surivors who swim?

Keep Living STRONG, Oldman! It's all about deep survival! :)

Oldman said...

yup Susan, I've had three second opinions...plus a freebie consult from an expert in New York, all of them agree leave it alone for now.

Anonymous said...

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