Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend Report

HOT HOT a humid climate like Florida you expect the heat but not this extreme heat with the heat index above 100*. So Saturday's long run took it's toll on me. I started out with my usual 2 bottle of Powerbar Endurance and stopped at my first water hole at 5 miles I filed up with water. I tried to do just an easy "heat related" pace. At the 7 mile mark I stopped at one of the golf courses "potty houses" and go more water and some ice from the ice machine to put in my hat. That helped for a while but the ice melts to soon! At the 12 mile mark I ate a gel and washed it down with water which gave me a little more energy but I was just doing 9 min miles due tot he heat. I stopped at my final water hole at the 14 mile mark and mixed some PoerBar Endurance with water and drank that down then filed my bottle with water tot he final leg, home at 16 miles. Time 2:45 ugh!

I had a great breakfast and a dip in my pool to cool off but with the pool temp of 90* there is no cooling. So I went to the beach and swam for 45 minute the gulf was 86* so it was a little cooler.

Sunday was the long ride day with Tony. As predicted Tony wore his Discovery Channel jersey and shorts in honor of Lance winnning the Tour for the seventh time! Once again it was a hot morning. We did the Cococnut Road ride and stopped at Pelican Landing to eat a cliff bar and look for dolphins. On the way there I was drafting Tony at 22 mph when BANG I hit a pot hole. Tony never saw it but I found it. We stopped to change my tube and found that I bent my front wheel. We did see two pods of dolphins (2 males and 1 female in a pod). We ended our ride early due to the heat and to watch the end of the Tour. Total miles 45. The wheel is going to the shop on it looks like I'll be riding the steel monster Wednesday.


RUN 30 miles
BIKE 120 miles
SWIM 9,000 yards, 45 min open water


nancytoby said...

Woo hoo! Every poser on the trail this weekend on his bike had on either a yellow, Discovery, or USPS jersey. It was comical. :-) Like the ones on the tandem recumbent....

Alicia said...

Man, I don't know how you can do anything in this heat. I didn't make it past the end of my yard on Sunday before I had to turn around and go back inside.

Oldman said...

I keep reminding myself that Kona is hot...going across the lava field

Anonymous said...

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