Friday, July 01, 2005


Ok durteemartin tagged me, payback is a bitch, to list my favorite songs. Funny because I don't know one of the songs on her list!

Actually here's what's in the changer now. now the MP3 player that's a different list.

Violin concerto op. 35 Peter Tchaikovsky - of course I love the Russian composers

Mambo Sinuendo, Ry Cooder anything on this album including Patrica, Bodas de oro

, Sara Brightman...she could visit my Harem any time. She does What a Wonderful World but not like Louis!

Any cut on Common Thread: The Eagles Tribute by Various artist particularly Take it Easy, by Travis Tritt, Desperado Clint Black, Lyin' Eyes, Diamond Rio....

Louis Armstrong
- the early years i.e Rocking Chair Blues, You Rasscal You, Heebie Jeebies or anything from Hot Fives & Sevens

Neon Moon - Brooks and Dunn

So here is my chance to TAG some one:

Wil - she has pleanty of time now that she can train all day

Holly - she need to relax for here weekly dose of interfuron

Jeff - he's tapering for the big race

Annalisa - still remodeling her kitchen after all this time

Nancy - other than chase twins she has nothing else to do

Shelly - becuase she is going to Kona and I'm not


jeff said...

great piece by tchaikovsky. i take it you enjoy rimsky-korsakov and stravinsky, too? i really enjoy scheherazade...another one of my favorite pieces.

i got tagged earlier today by ab, so i've already got my songs up!

tracy "durteemartini" said...


I learned to 2-step to Neon Moon when I first visited Texas.

Alicia said...

Awesome list! I'm in such a weird mood today, if you ask me tomorrow, I would probably have a completely different list.

Nice to know my "tags" extended to you!

Deene said...

I like Louis Armstrong. Also probably from the same genre Nina Simone.

Holly said...

Common Threads .. That is one of my favorite CDs!!

Wil said...

Agh! OK, you got up and out there!

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