Monday, July 18, 2005

Weekend Update

Hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms has been the weather forecast for all of last week. I can sympathize with Wil as she complains about her weather. The humidity is always here iin the summer. Heat and humidity is something you have to get use to training in. I remind myself that Kona is hot and humid in Oct.

BTW thanks for all of the notes about my lunch time beach pics. Yes the beach is 4 blocks from my office. One good thing about living here is the beach access. There are many public parks and parking areas that allow beach access. Florida believes that the beach belongs to the residents and not just a few rich people lucky enough to own beach front property. So you can put your beach chair in front of a $40 million home and have the same view.

Saturday was a long run day. I started out early, 6:30 to beat the heat and I took with plenty of water. I set my watch alarm to sound off every 10 minutes to remind me to drink my water. So between the heart rate monitor alarm and the water alarm I was beeping all the time. At the four mile mark my first bottle was empty and at 7 miles I stopped at the golf course halfway house to refill my bottles and I bought a regular coke. At the 10 mile mark I t thought about stopping. Good thing was I wasn't near my house or I would have stopped. I had a gel and pressed on. I continued to push the liquids and finished at 15 miles, hot, tired but not thirsty!

Sunday was a LSD bike alone.
Tony is still in Europe. So once again it was an early start 6:30 am to beat the heat. I bought some gaterade in disposable bottles so I put two in my jersey and took two water bottles on my bike. Maybe I need a bottle launcher on the seat? My goal for the day was to maintain a nice steady pace not getting my heart rate out of zone 120 or there about. I did my Coconut Road ride which takes me past the Coconut Hyatt and the Hyatt timeshare then a breif stop a the boat dock on Estero Bay to eat a Clif bar and look for dolphins. I retraced my route to go back north then took Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to Florida Gulf Coast University taking a loop around the campus only to stop at the pool to refill my water bottles. At the 50 mile mark I was beginning to get tired and I noticed my heaat rate going up a I took a gel and downed another bottle of water. I spotted at Mickey D (Drive in Window) and got a large regular coke to put in my water bottle. I drank some coke and I headed south and on to home. I got back to the house at 11:45 and 80 miles later...once again hot, tired but not thristy. I pushed the PowerBar Recovery drink and went into my pool to cool off but with the water temp of 88* so it did little cooling!

I took a nap in the afternoon..imagine that! I was a little tired. I had planned to go to the Boat House to swim but I was just too tired so I went to our commuity pool at 3:00 just before the afternoon storm and did some laps...about 45 minutes.


Run - 29 miles
Bike - 155 miles
Swim - 3k yards plus 1hr 45 min.
Weights - 1x
Pilates - none

Goals for next weak

Plan my swims better to get it done before the rain
Wedenesday brick day with temp swim and bike
Do pilates 2 xs this week


I saw coffee drinker and collie this morning. Yes he was drinking his coffee and yes the collie went after me again. I came up behind them and the dog went nuts. Then coming back coffee drinker tried to get a tight grip on the I think more fun is yet to come!


tracy said...

ZOINKS! That's one hell of a workout weekend!!! And I thought my 4.5 miles was ambitious (after a drought period). Sheesh. Make a girl feel like a slugh why don't you?

Susan said...

"brief stop a the boat dock on Estero Bay to eat a Clif bar and look for dolphins"
What a great break! Sounds perfect to me.

Shelley said...

I'm loving this coffee drinker/collie stories more and more.. :-))
Next I think you should come up behind them with one of those blowhorns!!..woo hoooo

Deene said...

Wish I lived near a beach.. I envy. I'm looking forward to more coffee drinker/collie sequels.

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