Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Some one said "Without a plan, a goal is merely a wish!"

I spent sometime the past few days thinking of my race goals for the next six months and beyond. I then developed a six month training plan. While it's not set in stone,it is a guideline to get me ready for the Florida Half IronMan Oct. 23, 2004 and the Naples Half Marathon Jan 16, 2005. Barring injury,illness or more surgery, if I follow my plan I'll be prepared for the races.

I included a REST Week every 4th week. Each leg leading up to the REST Week increases volume. Hopefully this will help me cover the distance for the races.

The only problem I see is getting the time to complete the workouts, especially the swim. I'm hoping I'll be able to swim over the lunch hour to get my swim workouts in. Also since it is so hot nd humid here in the summer, I've started using the fitness center in my community. Running on a treadmill is no fun,but it is better than running the heat of the morning.