Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Florida Humidity

The humidity in South Jersey, where I lived for 45 years, is oppressive to say the least. It hangs in the air at night making a strange glowing ring around the moon. It goes on for weeks without relief making you feel sticky all the time. When it's those hazy, hot, humid days of summer there is no escaping the humidity. There is no way to exercise in those 3 h days! Yet in Florida, where I've lived for the past 3 years, the humidity is different and even more challenging for to maintain any kind of training schedule.

Today was one of those days, that on the surface, the morning looked promising for a good run. It had rained ever so briefly but just enough to cool off the evening to the point where I sat out on the liana and watched the sunset. This morning it was 72 at 6:30am with a slight breeze from the east. But the humidity had to be at 90%.

As I started on my 5 mile run, I found that it was just plan HUMID. Not South Jersey humid but Florida humid. It was not so oppressive that I couldn't run, like South Jersey, it was just humid enough to make you feel like your running with a blanket over your head. It wasn't long, about 1.5 miles, that my shirt and hat were drenched.

As I ran through the woods the path was damp from last nights rain and the green-head flies where looking for breakfast. I forced myself to keep running afraid if I stopped I would become a few flies breakfast.

I stopped at the River Club Fitness Center to get a much needed drink. I got weighted once again I haven't lost any weight this week.

As I left the River Club, I use a trail that parrall the gold course. It's not really a trail as much as it is an abandoned road the is about 2 mile long. A the end there is a waterhouse for the golf course where I stop and get a drink. By the time I reached there my runing shorts were completely drenched and looked like I just got out of the pool. By now I was really feeling the effects of the humidity.

It's 1.5 miles from the waterhouse to my house. By the time I go home, I looked like a drowned rat. The humidity had done it's thing. I was hot, tired and wet!

No matter hope much I plan my schedule from here on I've got to take into account the humidity. Whole it's not the oppressive heat of South Jersey and it doesn't stop you from training, the Florida humidity is a definite factor!