Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Catch up

It's been a few interesting days. On Saturday, I did my first half century ride, well actually 54 miles to be exact. We started out early in the morning, 6:30, in order to beat the heat. Two hours into the ride the heat and humidity began and I felt it. The last 10 miles was more mental than physical.

Sunday was a day off from training. So I lazed around the pool and relaxed. I did do a few "laps" in the backyard pool but that doesn't really count does it?

Monday was a run day and again the day promised to be a hot and humid day. Since my run is in the morning it's not so much the sun as it is the humidity that gets me. I did my golf course route of 6 miles and felt strong. Perhaps I should have gone a little long since I got home 10 minutes early. Next time I'll watch the clock better.

At the water house, I stopped to get a drink and I put ice in my hat. While it was cool, I did get a headache from it and finally tossed the ice.

At lunch I went to the Collier pool and swam laps, 10 to be exact or 500 yards. It's a start. I still have trouble with breath control but I fell as though I'm gradually improving.

Today (Tuesday) was a bike day. My goal has been to increase my run and bike by 10% each week for three weeks that maintain that level for two before I increase again. So I rode 22 miles today at a pace of 18.1. On the second straight section I did see my speed-o hit 25 mph but it's hard to maintain that speed.

Lunch time I went to the beach park and rather than swim, I ran the beach for 3 miles. I's only a couple of miles but this was more to check out the possibility of having a place to exercise and shower at lunch time. It works fine except I need at east 4 quarters to pay the one armed bandits or find a way to get a Collier County Beach Parking Permit.


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