Friday, June 04, 2004

Finally Friday

Well it's here, FRIDAY!

Today was a run day. As I headed out the door today and started my run, my heart seemed to be racing. I stopped after 10 steps and my heart rate was 165.... I continued on at a slow pace. Maybe it's the heat or the humidity? My heart settled into it's usual 145 bps after the first mile.

While running, my headset for my MP3 Player crapped out. This is the second headset in two weeks. I think I sweat to much and short out the headset.

On Monday my swim watch which is suppose to be waterproof to 40 meters is full of water. I guess they didn't mean to use it in shallow water of 1 meter.

Tuesday I had trouble with my sunglasses on my regular 20 mile ride. They seemed crooked and kept sliding down my nose. Wednesday on my regular 5 mile run, them same feeling of the glasses being crooked continued until I got to the woods. All of the sudden I pushed them up my nose and they fell apart. The right eye piece was broken off. I guess when I fell on the trail on Sunday the ear piece broke.

Headset, watch, sunglasses, and now my heart! What can be next?

I plan on a long ride tomorrow 60 miles. I've read that Gatorade supplies all Iron Man North America races with Orange Gatorade for the bike and Lemon-Lime Gatorade for the run. Since I don't like Orange I'm going to start using it on the bike so that I can get accustomed to it. Ugh. I'm still looking for something to eat other than Clif bars which seem dry and hard to swallow for me. Some one suggested Ensure. But I already carry two bottles where do I put two more?


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