Friday, June 18, 2004


It would appear that the summer heat is upon us here in Florida. The temps in the mornings has been 77 at 6:30 am. For the past week or so the humidity has been very high so that when I get home from a run or bike I look like I just took a shower with my clothes on!

On my run days this week Mon, Wed & Fri I have only done 5 miles each day. I have no energy to go further. My bike days haven’t been much better. I rode 25 miles Tues and 16 miles Thurs. Sat. I hope to do a Metric Century Ride (62 miles) but given the heat and humidity and that I will be riding alone it doesn’t look promising that I will finish. I plan on doing my Coconut Ride to the bay and back after 1 loop around the Sound. Sunday I’m just doing a light run of 3 miles.

My goals for next week are:

Stay on track with my schedule:
Monday 5-mile run 1000 yds Swim
Tuesday 25-mile bike 3 mile run
Wednesday 10-mile run 1,500 yds Swim
Thursday 25-mile bike, 3-mile run
Friday 5-mile run 1,000 yds swim
Saturday 70-mile bike
Sunday 3-mile easy run

Totals Run 23 miles Bike 120 miles Swim 3,500 yds

Maintain My Diet
Journal all intake
Limit calories to 2,400 per day.
Stay well hydrated

Strength & Stretch
Do daily S&S in mornings


Anonymous said...

Yikes. 77 at 6:30 am! That's killer. Although I'll trade you weather anytime you want to. My only stipulation is that you have to trade for the whole year! Minnesota winters are equally brutal as Florida summers only in the opposite direction.

Sounds like you have some pretty solid training under your belt. Might I ask what your "A" race of the year is? Keep up the solid work... and thanks for stopping by my site to visit. :)


Anonymous said...

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