Monday, June 21, 2004

Fathers Day

It was a good Fathers Day for me. I got up early to ride my bike. I had intended to ride 25 miles but as I got ready to go the phone ran. It was my youngest son Josh call from the beach; Iraqi. He said that he might be coming home soon since they packed their gear for shipping. I just hope he's not moving closer to the action.

Later in the day my daughter-in-law, Josh's wife, called to wish me happy Fathers Day. She didn't know about the possibility of Josh coming home so... I told her. Mel was at the mall buying her father a video game, but I think it was one she wanted as well!

In the afternoon Nelson, my oldest son, called to wish me happy Fathers Day as well as my three grandchildren. The kids told me about there summer plans since they just got out of school for the summer last week.

I ended the day by going to a party with the people from the neighborhood at the Riverclub. It was a fun night that ended in singing some old songs, some of which I didn't know.

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