Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Forest Fire

It was difficult to get up today. I wanted to stay in bed but I reminded myself that today was a ride day. I rode 21 miles this morning.

There is a forest fire burning near my home. The smoke hangs in the air in the early morning when there is no wind. The smoke has a strange odor of wet wood. It's been burning for 3 days now. Fortunately there was no smoke this morning near my house but on the way I had to drive with my lights on thru the haze. We need the rainy season to start early this year. Today's forecast says no rain...Bright sunshine high near 87 winds from the west at 12 knots. So the fire continues to burn.

I have a good weekend. Saturday's bike ride ended up being 45 miles with a good pace being set. I was the leader most of the way and Tony pulled the final leg into the wind. Saturday nite we met with some friends a Bonita Beach. We sat on the beach and watched the sunset. It was magnificent! We returned home for our Lord of the Rings weekend and started watching the Fellowship of the Ring.

Sunday was a 5 mile run, I felt a little tired from the bike ride on Saturday but the air was very heavy with humidity and that made it even harder. I looked like I ran through a sprinkler on the golf course when I finished.

Monday I over slept the alarm clock, it was set for a 7 am run to beat the heat but I just could not get up. Finally I got up at 9 and it was already to hot to go out for a run. Since it was hot we decided to watch the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in the afternoon and then go swimming at night. It was a good decision.


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