Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Today's Tuesday Sprint Tri

So today we, (Tony and I), decided that every Tuesday we will do a Sprint Triathlon. A Sprint Tri for us is 1/4 mile swim 12 mile bike and 3 mile run. Since there is a bike rack at the pool that is out of the way but close enough to the pool to make it like a real race we thought this would be a great place to hold our first Tuesday Triathlon.


I loaded my necessary stuff...running shoes, run hat, small towel, GU, and sunglasses into my backpack for the bike ride to the pool. As usual I did my 3 sets of sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and scissor kicks had a sip of PowerBar Endurance and was off on the bike at 0'dark:30 for the 2 mile ride to the pool.

At the pool I set up my transition area --- hey I know it is a pretend race but I thought this would be good practice --- run shoes, sunglasses here, bike shoes & yamaka skull cap there and a small towel over the rack. Since I always swim in a one piece bathing suit to keep the scars on my back from showing and keep the sunlight off my back, there is no need for a clothing change.

I went into the pool area to take a warm up lap or two and wait for the late Tony.


Tony arrived 10 minutes late and took a warm up lap. We then discussed the course, 2 loops of the 9 laps of the Island Sound Pool, 2 laps Pelican Sound Bike Course and one loop Island Sound Circle along the golf course to the potty house and back to the Island Sound Pool for the finish!

Since Tony still can't operate his Polar watch, he did a countdown for the start and we were off on the swim. As usual, I started to hyperventilate after two laps trying to swim to fast. I then concentrated on swimming my own pace not trying to beat Tony. Before I knew it the laps were done ad it was out of the pool for the run to my bike with Tony just ahead of me.


When I got to my bike I looked at the swim time, 10:20 and told Tony how slow we were in the pool. So now it is time to get my socks on my wet feet! OK I have a hard time biking and running sockless. But other than the socks, it was and easy transition --- yamaka, helmet, sunglasses and I was off on the bike.


Our bike course is very challenging as we have to dodge people walking, people walking dogs on long leashes (some of you might remember our battle with Collie and Coffee Drinker), golf carts and people in golf carts walking dog with long leashes (it seems you get to much exercise walking a dog on a leash so you must use a golf cart with the dog on a long leash running or walking).

As I turned onto my street Tony, now ahead of me on his much fast Trek Madone 6.9 in spite of me in aero position - yelled about shorting the course... cut out 2nd loop at masters and no Pinehurst... so of course I'm now confused.

I found it hard to get my speed up above 20 mph... no just the course but my legs. I drank some Endurance and tried to spin my way to 20 but I found it difficult. After the first 3 miles my leg functioned properly and I was able to do 20 - 22 but with the turns and obstacles - people, dogs, golf carts, golt cart dogs - it was still hard. I think this is good practice as most Tri courses are not flat, and contain multiple turns. On the second loop I was just getting into the groove of riding when the ride was over... but the miles on my odometer was 16 not 12. HUH? we need to get the course fixed.


When I got the transition area at the pool I felt I didn't have time to run since I have to be back at the house no later than 8:05 to get showered, shaved and ready for work being out the door at 8:25! So on my first Tuesday Triathlon I was a DNF! I packed up my stuff and rode back to my house. Thinking about what I learned in my training tri.


Course - hey we need to agree on the course ahead of time!

Start Time - we need to start at 0'dark:30

Transition - socks or no socks? The socks were difficult as always and they got really wet in the beginning of the bike as I was still wet from the swim. So perhaps try to ride and run without socks.

Bike - gotta get more time in the saddle

Run - need more time running

OK if I didn't work then I could train more.


Sherry said...

I think this is a fantastic idea!

Completely classic for down here: "people in golf carts walking dog with long leashes." I had a good laugh because I know exactly what you mean.

Hope you post some more Tuesday Tri reports!

Lisa Eirene said...

I'm new to the triathlon world and have been toying with the idea of training for one. I have a question---do you not have time to dry off before changing for the run?

Oldman said...

@Lisa .... you can dry off if you want to spend the time. I don't but I do wipe my feet before putting on bike shoes.