Monday, May 10, 2010

TheWeakend Report

Since Dr. Steve doesn't like to see the sats for the weakend, I will not mention that I rode Saturday 40 miles in the blistering heat and 30 miles Sunday. Steve still holds that records for quickest shower and shave during the weak.

The Weakend Report

The was one of those hazy,hot and humid Southwest Florida weakends. Since it was so hot early rides are a must for me along with a lot of fluids. So I got up early to ride to the Lowes shopping center to meet the Estero Flatlanders for the Saturday ride. There were 30 riders of all shapes and sizes but most, if not all, look FAST. The Saturday ride started at a nice easy pace of 18 mph for the first 2 maybe 3 minutes then jumped to 22 mph. One we reached the 5 mile mark it was 25 -26. So needless to say once the group split with the faster riders, 28 mph +, leaving the slower riders in the dust, I was in the slower group.

I rode 20 miles with the B riders. By then I it was time for me to work alone as most of my training should be in aero position. I rode back toward home alone but all in all I felt it was a good ride for me, of course I used both bottles of Endurance and still felt thirsty.

Sunday being Mother's Day I planned to take J to the Mother's Day Luncheon at the Country Club so my long Sunday ride was shortened to 30 miles. once again I started out with the Flatlanders on 20 riders this time and again I dropped out to ride the final 15 alone.

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Y'all look awesome!!!!