Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Swimming Weakly

Swimming is not my strong suit. Floating maybe but swimming...nope! I'm convinced that it has to do with many factors: 1. Upper body strength 2. Technique - hip rotation, balance & upper body strength and 3. Weight along with upper body strength!

I have been looking at ways to improve my upper body strength as a means to getting faster in the swim. I'm not one that likes the gym or weight room but I occasionally go do weights and find it BORING. I have been wanting a pull up bar for my garage for sometime. So in doing a little research I found an article called the Armstrong Pull-Up Program.

In the article Maj. Armstrong suggests a morning routine of push-up and I quote

Each morning perform three maximum effort sets of normal pushups. The pushup is one of the best, single exercises for strengthening the entire set of muscles that makes up the shoulder girdle. Major Armstrong described his morning routine in the following manner. “After rising, I would drop onto the deck and do my first set of pushups. I would then move into the head (bathroom) and start my morning toilet. I would return after a few minutes and do my second maximum effort set after which, I would go back into the head to shave. After shaving, I would return to the bedroom and complete the third and final set. Having completed all of the pushups, I was awake and ready for a relaxing shower. “

This routine should be followed during the entire training period. Since it takes most of us at least four weeks to reach our goals, you will probably find that you have inadvertently established a morning routine that is easy enough to keep as a lifetime habit, if not, you will at least appreciate the morning shower a little more.

It has been noted that this pushup routine helps to alleviate any soreness during the first couple of weeks. It is recommended that you use the pushup routine everyday during this period so that you feel more comfortable during your initial adjustment to this regime of exercises.

So I have embarked on a push-up program before investing in a chin up / pull up bar. BTW I did borrow my buddies pull up bar only to find I can do 3 pull ups! I have been doing the Armstrong 3 sets of push up with a maximum effort in the middle set. Plus I've added 3 sets of sit ups and 3 sets of raised scissor kicks in hopes of getting stronger in the swim. I'll let you know.


So today was No Draft Wednesday for Tony and I and anyone who wants to join us from the Flatlanders. We both felt a little tired from yesterday's sprint tri which Tony finished. As usually Tony pulled away doing from me doing his 27 mph plus after we passed another pair of bike riders. On the return a car making a u-turn nearly wiped me out! She had her window down and I yelled "You almost hit me!" to which she replied "Didn't you see me!" Well I guess it's all about her and I should have stopped to let her make her u-turn taking up two lanes plus the bike lane!


Lisa Eirene said...

I found that swimming with the buoy between my legs and focusing all my workout on my upper body greatly improved my upper body strength. My shoulders and arms and back are insanely strong--all from just swimming!

Oldman said...

In my swim workouts I do sets with the pull buoy and sets with paddles --- until my arms ache.

Oldman said...

and I almost forgot I do 3 sets of...I don't know what to call them...I go to the swim to the deep end and at the edge of the pool raise myself up... Pool Pull Ups... but anyway I do 3 sets of 15 each in between laps so it is swim a lap do a pul up get the idea.