Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Would you believe???? DEARS!

Another FLAT! Yup I rode yesterday pumping up the tire as usual when I got home from work last night the tire (of course the read tire) was FLAT. What's with this? So...Tonight it's inspect the tire, rim etc....

When I went to run this morning, as I walked out the garage I notice the trash can that put out last night was GONE. The lid was there but the trash can full of trash was gone. I called our crack security team that patrols the neighborhood to report a missing trash can and I was told it was animals...Yea what bear takes the whole trash can with him?

So it turns out it was the little DEARS...You know "Oh not my little dear grandchild on spring break would take your trash can and drag it 8 houses down the street. Not my little dear he wouldn't pick-up said trash can full of garbage and throw it into the brand new Lincoln Continental sitting in the driveway. Not my dear!"


The "little dears" also ripped up signs and destroyed some other property as well in the community. Maybe not dear on spring break but somebody's "little dears".

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