Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Well I fix the flat tire last night. It wasn't what I thought it was originally. I thought it was the value system not accepting air. But it was in fact a large puncture which allowed the air to escape faster than I could put it in! Sooo I tried a nice patch but that literally blew off...So it was a new Continential tube. Once the new tube was in place, everything else went smoothly. It was still up this morning.


Today while taking my shower, well after the actual shower, I was looking at myself in the mirror (yes it's a guy thing) and there on my back is another tumor beginning! It wasn't there three weeks ago when I saw the surgeon for the surgery follow-up from removing the tumor on my shoulder blade. It wasn't there last week when I saw my dermatologist for a "full-body" scan. But it's there now! I can't believe it just as I'm getting ready to swim again and now this one!


As you know, I saw Dr. Lusk the nuerosurgeon. He is sending me for a second opinion because he's not really sure about his opinion and wants to 1. run up my bill and 2. get some one to agree with him. 3. hope some one has an idea about the thing in my brain. Of course he's hoping for a cyst and not a glioma.

Last night a doctor that works with Eric who is a nuerosurgeon called. He suggested that I go to Gainesville, Florida to see a team of doctors. But he doesn't work like I do and I have limited resources to chase down docs. So what to do. Maybe tomorrow will be the answer when I have my second opinion visit.