Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend Update

I went to ride on Friday and had another flat. What's with the flats? I'm wondering if I'm doing something with the flor pump when I add air before each ride. It seems I can't get air into the tube. Perhaps I've bent or damaged the stem?

Saturday was a very nice day. I was suppose to run 10-12 miles. However, at the 5 mile mark I felt a little out of sorts. I took Cliff Shot which helped for the next 2 miles but then at 8 miles I decided to stop. Why push and get hurt?

Sunday was a ride day. Of course Saturday night was our dinner for eight so I got to bed late plus I had some wine with dinner! So Sunday I didn't want to get up as I had planned at 6:oo am. I slept late until 7:04 ! Tony was no able to ride so it was an LSD ride alone. Since I was alone and a little tireed from partying the night before I did 30 miles and stopped.

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