Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nike and iPod to Marry


It was announced yesterday by Nike (nke) and Apple Computer (aapl) that they have teamed up to make AIR Zoom Moire shoes which connect to a runners iPod. It will show distance, time, pace and calories burned. This will be competing directly with Adidas AG bras and shoes having connections for the Polar Electro heart rate monitors (no jokes please) and Oakley having the Thump sunglasses with a built-in mp3 player.

The Apple/Nike wedding brings two (families) companies together that are making significant headway in the new media markets. Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, said he believes the Nike fitness device is in keeping with the iPod's heritage in entertainment saying "I would like it if iPods were indispensable throughout daily life."

The iPod kit will be in Apple and Nike stores in July with the shoes at Footlocker. iPod is expecting to release 10 million units by 2007. (10 mil boys and girls).

On another note you may now download Lance Armstrong's playlist from the Apple iTunes website along with other professional athletes.

I'm sure Bolder has already tested Air Zoom Moire and the iPod kit. Heck he has probably tested the Polar heart rate monitor and the Adidas bra!

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Cliff said...

Bolder and an adidas that's a good image in my head..

Thanks Oldman...

Bridget said...

I tried to check out Lance's playlist and couldn't find it. Any idea where I can find his, or other sports people's playlists?

Anonymous said...

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