Monday, February 27, 2006

Weakend Report

This week has had an emphasis on the bike.... while tri's are not just about the bike it is a major portion of the race. After all you spend 6 hours or more in the saddle and 1 hour on the swim. So you have got to develop an iron butt. Since I did the Estero Island Challenege on Monday, Tony wanted to do that for our Sunday ride. More on that in a moment.

Friday was of course one of my regular ride days. Tony and I were able to get 25 miles in before having to go to work. Once at work I found I was incredibly hungery, eating everthing in sight. I swam at lunch only to return to the office to eat more food.

Friday night I went to the Club as usual and again ate and drank beer like a pig.

Saturday was my long run day. I got up at my regular for a 7:30 run but I just didn't have any energy. It was warm, about 72* and bright sun so I thought it was going to be a tough one. So I imagined it was Kona. You know after the bike your hot, tired and have no energy. The first 2 miles were uneventful. I picked up my water bottle at the 2 mile mark and just tried to maintain an even pace. Then my HR monitor stoped working so I ran on feel. The next 4 miles was just plain hot..... I refilled my water bottle and had to choose long course or short course. Welll don't give yourself a choice...I took the short course so my next water stop wouild be at the 10 mile mark..... I just dragged myself there. No energy no nothing, I was just empty. After refueling with water I headed home and finished for a total of 14 miles. O well better get it next time.

Saturday night J and I met Tony and his wife at the Country Club for the British Invansion Night. It was a great night of eatting fish and chips with triffle for desert and dancing the night away to the music of the 60'.... the Beatles etc.

Sunday the forecast called for rain showers. But when I got up to go for my ride it was partly sunny and looked like it was going to clear. After giving Roo a quick bath ( I gotta remember to do this after the ride and not before) I met Tony at his house. We decided to do the Estero Island route.

As we started out it looked as if it would clear but the winds started up. We slogged into the wind for the first 10 miles and I couldn't wait to make a left turn onto Bonita Beach Road hoping the wind would be less...but no it was more! Now going directly west toward the Gulf of Mexico the winds increased as we got closer to the water. At Doc's Beach house, where I swim in the gulf, we turned north on Hickory Blouevard. The wind was on our left side coming off the Gulf and having such sudden gusts it was hard to stay on the road. The wind actually whistled thru the spokes on my wheels. Then the heavens opened with a stinging downpour. At one point Tony was actually blown off the road into the grass. Fortunately there is no curb or sidewalk. From then on it was one of the hardest bike rides I've ever done. Wind, stinging rain and going over 7 bridges including one climb in Ft. Myers Beach that is over a huge bridge (beyond cat climb). Needless to say after 50 miles I was glad to be back home. It was a struggle just to stay upright on the bike. But then I thot of Kona and the winds there so it was good practice.

Totals for the Weak

Bike - 140 miles
Run - 28 miles
Swim 12,500 yards
weights 2xs
pilates nada


Cliff said...

good bike trip Oldman. Wind is your best friend..(next to beer)

Jank said...

Iron butt, my ...

Given a choice between wind and hills, I'll take hills every day. What a weekend, though! Makes me feel slack for letting cold and sniffles keep me inside.

psbowe said...

Talk about working hard and partying hard!

susie said...

A good workout week. How's the butt?

Bridget said...

great job visualizing Kona to get through your hot and windy workouts. I am always so impressed with your workouts!

Mica said...

I'm am always shocked at the huge numbers you put up every week!! Way to go!

Comm's said...

For the 33 time, your totals motivate me oldman.

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