Friday, February 10, 2006

Cold Spell Continues

I'm sure your tired of hearing me say it, however it was another cold morning. This week Southwest Florida has had some really cold mornings and some areas reported frost. I'm not used to riding/running in 38* weather! I don't have the right clothes nor do I want to buy them for just one week out of the year. So today was a ride day. I wore my warmest cotton longsleeve shirt, tights, a windbreaker and wool gloves and I was still cold for the first 10 miles. But I got it done and finished my 25 miles.

Tony is recovering from his back injury. He wore a back brace and disguised his appearance by wearing a terrorist ski cap under his helmet. I almost didn't know who he was..... a short skinny balding Englishman with a funny accent!

I have some running around to do at lunch for the Firm so no swimming today. This weekend looks promising so here are my plans. Maybe if I tell you in advance it will help me to keep them!

Cocktails at the Country Club
Dinner with the Icelandic neighbors
Long Slow Run 15 miles
Work on my taxes
Sit in the Hot Tub
Wait Room work out for upper body
Dinner at Maxwells on the Bay with J
Long Ride with Tony 60 miles
Go to Church
Clean my pool
Sit in the Hot Tub
Long Swim at beach if warm 1.5 hour
Afternoon beer(s) at Doc's Beach House
Passout from exhaustion at 8:30 pm


I just realized I'm off on Monday Feb 20th for Presidents Day. Anybody want to do a long ride around the Island to Sanibell and back?


nancytoby said...

Jeez, I'd love to do a ride to Sanibel with you!

I just saw that they rent houseboats down there. I was trying to talk the husband into that for a week sometime.

Deene said...

sorry, can't do a bike ride but wouldn't mind sitting in a hot tub. it's only 26 degrees f today.

Cliff said...

Hot tub sounds nice.

It ain't cold outside unless your water bottle is frozen.

Susan said...

Don't forget to ask about the faires . . . after you've had drinks of course.

Susan said...

*fairies* duh

Bridget said...

Hmm, sounds like a nice weekend with the cocktails and hot tub. Oh, did you mention riding too? I must have skimmed over those parts. Back to the relaxing...

LouBob said...

I'll never tire of you whining about the "cold" weather as long as you don't mind me making cracks about how 38* is NOT cold! Hot tub would be wonderfull but then so would your worm weather.

Wylee said...

You have a very nice life, Oldman.

BTW, 38F is a wee bit cold. :)

Tammy said...

The friends I am house-sitting for are down in that area. They took shorts and swimsuits... had to go shopping for warmer clothes.

It's sunny here... and probably will be 60F. Come on over!

psbowe said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Holly said...

I agree with Cliff - your hot tub sounds nice ... so does the afternoon Beer at Doc's Beach House after the long swim ... I could swim - in the snow in my back yard...