Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lunch Time Swim

This morning was the regular Tuesday recovery run thru the woods and past the fitness center. Other than it was cool, about 55*, there is not much to say. Hardly any one around because it was "cold". Didn't see Coffee Drinker and Collie but I did see Bull Dog and his large Bull Dog. He walks the dog off the leash even though we have a leash rule in our community. When he sees me coming he grabs the dog. Yesterday when I passed on my bike he was a little late grabbing the dog.... it's just a matter of time before you will be reading about a runnner or cyclist who punted a large bull dog thru the goal posts. (Something the Sea Hawks field goal kicker couldn't do Sunday).

At lunch I met up with my former swim Coach, Carrie. Coach Carrie taught me to swim the Total Immersion way or fish like swimming. I have her come and check me out from time to time to see if I'm balanced, roll enough and have good overall form. She will suggest drills and such for me to work on so my swims are not jsut about doing laps. It is amazing how my stroke count has come down with her help and insight. So I have a whole set of drills to do for about the next month since I'm not rolling enough AGAIN when I breath on right side. Hey I'm a lefty most of the time except in baseball and eating and writing.

Unfortunately I was a little late, well a lot late, gettting back to work (1/2 hour late). So I'll have to leave 1/2 hour early to make it up.

Tonight is weight nite but it might have to wait since I'm tired already and hungry.


The Spandex-King said...

That total immersion swimming is so cool. Wish I was that good.

Susan said...

I must get this video - everyone is talking about it!

Cliff said...

I like to see you punted the bull dog :D

I have trouble my left side. I tend to tip my head up when i roll to grab a breathe. TI is quite amazing. Just last night I did two 1 km swim. This is compare to back in mid Nov (3 months ago) when i can only swim 2 laps.

susie said...

I really do admire you guys who can do it all. I have enough trouble concentrating on my running:)

Flo said...

I just ordered TI and I'm glad to hear people raving about it. I can't wait to get it and get started on it.

As the owner of a suppposedly "vicious" breed of dog, I would like to recommend you punt the owner :)

I love your theory of going late and leaving early to make up. Ever since I read that I'm careful not to go in early since then I'd have to stay late.

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