Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Weather Has Changed

This week the weather has really changed. Friday we had a brief shower, during my ride of course, and a cool front go through. The humidity has dropped, I've turned off the air conditioner and opened the doors. It's so pleasent to have the breeze go thru the house. The day time highs are about 82 and lows about 62.

This week Tony had a home show and was not suppose to ride on Sunday so I had planned a long slow ride around my community about 6 loops for 60 miles. But Tony did make a brief appearence which help me get thru my ride. After my ride I planned tennis for an hour which was a good change for my muscles.

Saturday was the Florida Ironman, which meant the registration for next years race, which I wanted to do, opened on Sunday. It filled in 9 hours! Yup, I was to late to register. Back to the drawing board.

Weakly Totals:

Bike: 150 miles
Run: 17 miles
Swim: 6,200 yrds
Weights 2 xs
Pilates 2xs
Hours total 21

I'm concerned about my running totals give the approaching half marathon in January. But I don't want to back off on my bike since I have the century race in January. I'm thinking about doubling up on my run days to have two run workouts. While this adds miles, I'm not sure about the long milage and on one run to develop the slowtwitch muscles. I guess I have to increase my long run as well.

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