Friday, November 19, 2004

Crazies on the Road

Well I guess it's that time of year in Florida. It beautiful, warm and always sunny. As you ride around communities you find people walking their dogs, walkers, joggers and bikers. But the warm weather brings out the Crazies! It is those seasonal people who come to Florida for vacation or the season and don't know how to drive. It not just old people either. Crazies are the people who do really stupid things around people riding on bikes, therefore I call it Crazies Season.

Take this morning. It was a beautiful morning 68* and sunny. I saw two otters crossing the road to get into the lakes. The birds were singing and the yup the crazies were out already at 7 am! I was just going along minding my own business enjoying the morning cruising along at a comfortable 20 mph when all of the sudden a green Mercedes pulls out of a driveway in front of me. Like he didn't even stop or hesitate or anything from garage door to street non-stop! Ok I'm happy its a nice morning I just saw two otters playfully cross the road.

As I follow the green Mercedes I'm about two car lengths behind him just keeping up with him when we come to a T intersection. You know the kind you either go left or right and straight is not an option. I notice the green Mercedes has no turn signal (perhaps Chyrsler didn't put turn singals on that model or it was an option) so it's guess time. Where is he going? My vote is left towards the country club to play golf because it's that time of day and that's were most men who are awake at this time of the morning are headed. But it's just a guess.

As I'm contemplating how to get thru the intersection without unclipping my shoe from the pedal, I notice there is a man walking on the other street carrying his golf clubs. Now this is strange. Strange because first of all no one walks to the country club carrying golf clubs...It's just not done! Put the clubs in a car drive the mile or use an electric cart and drive but don't walk. Second it's strange because he is actually carrying the the clubs.

Well as I approach the intersection I move to the right because I assumed the green Mercedes was turning left. But low and behold have now pulls to the right curb on to the shoulder then the grass a stops and opens his trunk all in one motion. He's blocking the intersection with an open trunk, I on the right, thinking I'm going to pass on his right as he turns left, so I now move to the left to pass him on the left when he throws open the drivers door into my lane! Smooth move exlax!

Why did he stop? to pick up the guy carrying his golf clubs of course! Why did he open the trunk? To put said golf clubs in the trunk. Why did he open the door? To stand at the rear of his car while the other guy put the clubs in. Or to make me dodge his door!

So...Stay awake because it is Crazies Season!

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