Monday, November 12, 2012

November Weakend

It was a great weakeend.  I wish I went sailing as the picture above shows, but alas I worked painting the master bedroom all weakend!  It looks great but it's still waiting for the new window treatments.

I did ride with Tony on Saturday. he was doing a short ride in preparation for the Miami Man Half Iron Distance Race on Sunday...more to come on that.

This weaks training was not that great but here it is:

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - run 4 miles
Wednesday - swim
Thursday - run 4 miles
Friday - run 6 miles
Saturday - ride 30 miles
Sunday - run 2 miles

Gotta do better next weak!


Christi said...

Looks like a solid week of training.

Oldman said...

Thanks, but I'm suppose to be training for a half marathon Dec 9... so not enough.

BTW - did you find a job?