Friday, February 10, 2012

The Health Risk of Being Left Handed

I came across this article from the Journal regarding The Health Risks of Being Left Handed.   So here are the highlights:

  1. Left-handed people are more prone to neurological disorders, such as schizophrenia and ADHD.
  2. Left-handed people earn about 10% less than right-handed people.
  3. Left-handed people are more apt to have greater divergent aptitude (ie, creativity.).
  4. Left-handed people don’t necessarily die younger than those who are right-handed.
The only problem I have with this article, I'm a natural left hander.  It is easiest for me to learn a new skill left handed.  I naturally do things left handed BUT...and here is the big parents who adopted me from the Indian Reservation made me change to right handed!

Yup, I play baseball right handed...bat and throw right handed.  I play basketball let handed.  Football? I throw left handed.  Snowballs...I can throw with either hand! Frisbee, left handed.

It would drive my father crazy when cutting lumber with a hand saw. I could change hands when I got tired.   
So here is the deal...  since I'm have no neurological disorders other than a brain tumor and headaches, I'm not schizo and don't have ADHD.  I only earn 5% more than right handed people. And IF my one and only kidney doesn't crap out, the big C doesn't return and the brain tumor behaves, I'll out live you all.  So the only problem I have?  I'm just confused with what hand to use when!

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