Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Update

This has been a difficult weak to train living now in the Philly area and traveling back to Florida on Thursday returning to Philly on Monday. So here is a quick recap of my training weak. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday were ride days. I've yet to "find" a route here in Pa but on Friday and Sunday I rode in Florida on the ole Steel Monster. It made me appreciate clipless peddles and aerobars. I rode Sunday with Tony for 50 miles but I found it hard to keep up with him and maintain a steady 22 mph pace. No way was I even close to 30 mph on the straight-a-way. My run days have been less that great, running Tuesday and Thursday in Philly and Saturday in Florida. I was able to get a long run in on Saturday of 14 miles. Swimming has been a little difficult. I'm trying a local pool within walking distance of my office but I can't get use to their odd schedule. So I have only swam 2 days.

Weakly totals

Bike 110 miles
Run 28 miles
Swim 5,000 yards

I flew back to Philly this morning so hopefully I'll get a ride in after work. I haven't sold my Florida home even though I've had a lot of people looking. That also means I haven't found a house here and I'm still living in my temporary apartment. So if you want to buy a house in Florida, let me know.

Good luck to everyone doing the Boston Marathon today...Especially Jeff!


Holly said...

Sounds like you are still "in between" homes ... even on the bike! Hope your schedule settles down soon and you can find a new routine !! If I had some extra money, I'd buy your house ... but I would rather buy kittens ...

LouBob said...

How has the weather difference affected your workouts? I'd love the house in Floridda but I'm afraid it would have to be After retirement!

nancytoby said...

Hey Oldman! I was driving through Kent Island today, but I didn't see you overhead!!

It sounds like you're doing great keeping up the training under difficult circumstances. Way to go!!

susie said...

Have you thought of getting in touch with a blogger for running route advice? Scott gave me some great runs when I visited Philly--

TriFeist said...

Hope things settle down soon. Good luck finding a house.

Ryan said...

Bike 110 miles
Run 28 miles
Swim 5,000 yards

These are some fine numbers, Oldman! Good luck in selling your house in Fla. I am moving from Connecticut to the Chicago area at the end of next week, so I am moving away from the hills. It's just as well as I try to qualify for Boston this year!


Bolder said...

yah, such an off training week!

good job on the volume with all that travel dude!

keep at it, you're doin' great!!

Anonymous said...

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