Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Justin

Sunday was my grandson Justin's second birthday party. His birthday is today. Happy Birthday Justin. Here he is eating his birthday cake.

Training wise, I got a short ride in yesterday of 25 miles since I had to drive 2 hours to the party. I feel like I say the same thing every weak, I just don't seem to get enough training time in now that I have moved north. So my goal for this weak is to be consistent in my training.

Here are this weaks totals:

Bike: 100 miles
Swim: 4,000 yards
Run: 24 miles


Bolder said...

i think you had your priorities right.

happy b-day justin!

nancytoby said...

Looks like a pretty solid week to me! Happy birthday to Justin!

Fe-lady said...

What a cutie!
Happy b'day to Justin and kudos to you for the great workout week!

Barkernews said...

Cute kid!
And once again, your training week is much more hard core than mine!
Keep it up dude.

april anne said...

Awww... so cute.
I hope your training is going well.

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