Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rant - another flat tire

Well I have the worst luck with tubes! I took Roo to the shop last week to get her ready for another year of riding. It was her 5,000 mile check up.! So new tires, new tubes, new chain, and cassette and I'm home with her Friday. I take her for a ride on Sat...After the feel test of the tires I decide air is not needed so I happily ride her. Sunday morning time for my ride with Tony...and I feel test the tires and decide air is in order so 110 lbs in both tires. Good ride...back home wipe down Roo... and so on to Monday. I go to ride feel test the tires and the rear is FLAT.... no air. Ok go to pump up the will not take air.... after ten minutes of trying... I change the tube using my spare but alas it is a short stem which is to short for my deep V rims and I struggle to get air in tube but finaly it works good ride. Now today I go to ride feel test the tires and the rear is flat...and I can't get air into the stem because it's to short and slips into the V..... UGH... I ride the Steel Monster.

Riding the Steel Monster is ok when your alone because you can do your own pace. But today Tony was on time and I had to jump in without warming up, all upset about the flat, and do 18 mph. About 5 miles out my left quad starts to ache, not overuse pain but using it different pain. I push harder to keep up with Tony. As we go to the flats straight-a-way I struggle to keep 23 with Tony drafting legs are aching. One the second loop I fall behind and just plain hurt. Finaly 25 miles... I'm ready to stop. So much for conditioning!

Well I plan on taking the "new"tube back and asking WTF?

O BTW... I have my stitched taken out today at 3:30 and I just got a call from my oncoogist's office, they set-up a second opinion for me with another brain surgeron...but not the guy I wanted. Now I'm working to get the guy I want after all its my brain....


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