Monday, May 07, 2012

Kentucky Derby Party

Boys and girls, it's official! I went to my first Kentucky Derby Party and had a mint julep! Let me say first, mutilated mint in simple syrup with a splash of bourbon doesn't make a drink.  I guess I like my hard liquor neat. More on that in a moment.

I had some surgery a couple of weeks ago, it seems melanoma affects you in many ways including your teeth.  I had to have a couple removed, well 7!  It seems I had a major infection going on but didn't know.  The dentist work for 2 hours on my bottom teeth and gave me so much novocain he was afraid to continue on... so I had to go back on Tuesday.  This time he gave me a long lasting novocain which lasted 15 minutes on me.  But we got it all done.

I was out of it for 4 days just feeling drugged and unable to eat. So no training. Hey you would think I would loose some weight not eating or eating Oldman's Famous Vegetable Soup, nope just a pound. So I've lost 23 lbs since Jan 1.  Hopefully I can drop some 20 more by year's end.

So I have been slacking on my training as the Orlando Half Ironman is out, it's May 20.  Every time I get close to doing a half Ironman I have surgery or some other medical issue.  Maybe I'm jinxed?  But this weekend I made an effort to get back in there training.

I rode with the Flatlanders on Saturday.  Of course I got dropped at the hill at the 10 mile mark but Nurse Payne and I rode together to finish out the ride... 35 miles. He's just getting back as well so we made a good pair.  Fortunately for me, he pulled most of the way at 22 to 23 mph.

 Flatlanders training ride

 So back to the party.... J and I bet on a couple of nags, I thot "Union Rags" would win but J like "I'll Have Another".  I think she just liked the looks of the horse, it was ugly.  She said it was the name that won her over.  We watched the race with a bunch of did you get drunk on mint juleps?  I couldn't hear the call but when the race was finished, J's horse won! She won $71. 

Sunday I decided that the Flatlanders would be to fast for me as the are doing the 60 mile University and airport ride.  They ride at 25mph then crank it up to 28+, so I rode with the Trek group.  It was a nice easy ride of 25 miles at a steady 22 mph.  I left the group and rode back alone so as to get some time in aero position.

I worked the rest of the day on Sunday.  I've got two new clients so I had a little more work than usual plus I had to do an airport run. 

Apr 30 - May6
Swim yds
Bike miles
Run miles


75 p-ups


75 p-ups



100 p-ups


75 p-ups

I haven't been clear by my doctor to swim as yet.  he told me to wait until the stitches were removed, now he says wait a month.  He doesn't want me to drink any Gulf water!


Christi said...

I am so sorry you had to have surgery. That is no fun! Heal quickly!

Great job on your rides!

Cruiser said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.