Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bob the Bobcat

Our normal Sunday morning, after my bike ride with the Flatlanders, is to sit on the lanai, read the newspaper and drink coffee.

We look out upon our island complete with arbor, bird feeder and bird bath. We enjoy the birds. Yes, like the plants, they all have names...Carlo Cardinali, Blu Bluejay, Woody Woodpecker and so on... They come to eat, drink, and be merry in our little island. We provide the bath free of charge.

Now I have just spent a lot of time the past two weeks adding new plants, trimming the bouganvilla and distributing mulch. Yesterday I added colius and crotons. It was all finished with a good watering and filling the birdbath with fresh water for the birds.

Now this morning we looked out while getting coffee to see our birdbath over turned. This is not the first time this is happened. Now keep in mind, this is a heavy concrete birdbath. I've seen many birds on the rim with out the slightest movement. Even Rocky the Squire (yes, we name the animals as well) jumps up to the rim to get a drink with out the birdbath moving.

So the questions is who, or better what, is dumping the bird bath?

Bob! The three legged Bobcat is the leading contender. Yes, we have seen a 3-legged bobcat walking by looking in our lanai door. He starred at JB as to say "What are you looking at woman!"

Our neighbor, several houses, up has a family of bobcats behind his house. He snapped a few pics here is the family at play.

So maybe Bob needed a drink?

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