Monday, March 01, 2010

Cold or the Flu?

I have been under the weather. It all started boys and girls last weak after I picked up some friends at the airport Sunday. They were spending the weak with me hoping to enjoy the sunny warm weather in Southwest Florida. Monday morning I went o'dark thirty to the dreadmill and ran. However, boys and girls, after 3 miles I stopped because I felt poorly like crap. Tuesday I woke up to a full blown cold flu and worked from home. Wednesday I went to the office only to leave early with Thursday not being able to get out of bed! Once again, on Friday I tried to work at the office only to feel like crap again. Along in there, I think Wednesday, I pull a back muscle in a coughing spell fit. Now my hip flexer hurts like hell and a walk funny. So that brings us to today when I tried the dreadmill again. No deal! 1 mile in an I knew there was no way I could do six miles at a 8 min pace. It just goes to show you when you have a good weak of training it is followed by a cold. Let that be a lesson to you boys and girls.... no good training weak goes unpunished.

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