Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cold and then Cold followed by COLD!

Did I mention it has been cold? Here is Southwest Florida it has been right around 45* to 50* most mornings this month. Last week I only go one swim in as the pool is heated to 83* but with the air temp 50* I can't make it from the chair where I take off my shirt to the pool without freezing! I did make it the past Tuesday but tomorrow's swim is in question because it is going to be 42* at sun up!

Now riding is also the same. I only got two rides in last week due to the cold! Sat and Sun were suppose to be 45and 75 miles respectively but due to the cold the blankets called me back to bed! Well I did run on the dreadmill but after an hour or so I get BORED!

So let us just say that I have been focused on improving my running during the recent cold snap! Hey that's it....

On the other front, I have been putting off seeing my Brain Surgeon. Well it is the PET Scan ($9,000) and the MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiograph $3,000) as I don't want the argument with my health insurance. Since I have had any major events... just ignore it! but I did get a clean bill of health from the dermatologist. This is the longest I've gone without having a tumor removed... over a year now.

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Sherry said...

That's great news from your derm! Definitely something to celebrate. I understand your concerns regarding insurance issues as well... pretty much sucks. :o(

Oh boy do I hear you on the cold! Last Saturday I ended up doing 2 hours worth of Spinerval DVDs to try to make up for the long ride that I was 'supposed' to be doing outside. I just don't own any of the nifty cold weather gear. Toe covers!!! Pool? I haven't seen the pool in 3 weeks now. YIKES! I'm hoping that my "pretend vasatrainer" (rowing machine) will do the trick. Either that or I'm going to be sidestroking this year.